Reader x (Diabolik Lovers) | Discontinued

Reader x (Diabolik Lovers) | Discontinued

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Qt By lxlala Updated Jan 02, 2016

'Shu, if I can make you like me within 1 day how would you react'

'Nothing games like that are useless'
I ignored her and blushed. 

'Oh yeah? Than let's make a bet, fall in love with me and you lose ! '
She replied confidently, as her body was teeming with courage. 

'Tch, you're annoying, not playing go away'
I stood up to her and thought.

What could I say, she's already won I chuckled and laughed what an oblivious girl. A cute one at that.

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Bodyguard? Psh. More like... I am simply one hell of a butler
LyfLikeABossXD LyfLikeABossXD Sep 17, 2016
I have to protect Yui? Alright
                              *takes out paper and lemon juice plus pliers*
FuanNeedsNeru FuanNeedsNeru Feb 01, 2016
Fake name, fake name, fake name... Oh! I know!
                              It's Alois Trancy! If anyone dares to mess with you they'll lose an eye! *smiles sweetly*
_3DollarChain3_ _3DollarChain3_ Nov 27, 2016
Well if I'm protecting her, I better get payed a lot and get a LOT of information about my mother o-e
TooCole TooCole Sep 03, 2016
I will just use my Watford name and some fake last name 
                              Ayumi Hazuki (because Nagisa Hazuki is bae)
TheLostAndTheFound TheLostAndTheFound Oct 30, 2016
My fake name will be Mikaela Hyakuya Cuzz he's hot afffffffff...and cuz it's really close to my own name sooooo yeah