Kingdoms Lost //Merome//

Kingdoms Lost //Merome//

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The power of true love and friendship can impact two opposite lives. One lived in prosperity, getting everything he could wish for. But in his heart, he needed to be free of his many duties. The other spent his lonely days in captivity pushed around and treated like nothing, wondering when he would be free. This is where their story begins.

Mitch McNulty and Prince Jerome Aceti had different lives. What happens when they unexpectedly meet and fall in love, only to figure out that one of them has been living a lie?

(Merome AU) 

Cover made by @DrWhovianist

Copyright © Rachel G.

this is too much of my fangirling but i love this part😍😍😍😍😍😍
Kieshartz Kieshartz May 09
How the hell did he survive from that? The chores and stuff I mean like you started commanding him when he was 5! No hate! It's just kinda wrong in so many ways
MistyMay02 MistyMay02 Feb 19
He left him in a cage for 5 days...... YOU KNOW HE WAS BORN THAT DAY!
CookiesAndCreamMC CookiesAndCreamMC Feb 22, 2016
                              Good story By the way still :3
sparkle129 sparkle129 Jan 21, 2016
If I read on and see that he's also a sex slave, I will KILLL U!!!
YK_FanGirl_Merome YK_FanGirl_Merome Oct 09, 2015
What they're doing to Mitch is horrible I'm literally crying :(