One-Sided (Death The Kid x Reader)

One-Sided (Death The Kid x Reader)

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“ι ĸnow тнaт ι мeѕѕed υp.

ι ĸnow тнaт yoυ мay now нarвor ғeelιngѕ oғ мalιce тowardѕ мe.

ι ĸnow тнaт.. ι ĸnow тнaт yoυ мay never love мe agaιn. вυт ι'll ĸeep тryιng, waιтιng υnтιl yoυ do.

ғor now, oυr love ιѕ one-ѕιded.”

Death The Kid x Reader

basiclyliz basiclyliz Oct 11, 2016
I have nothing but pictures of dtk as a kid in my photo book
Indira_Alexisss Indira_Alexisss Aug 05, 2016
So I vaguely forgot what that moon looked like, so I
                              GOOGKED it and I have never been so scared
JuicyPorkCutletBowl JuicyPorkCutletBowl Nov 27, 2016
This kinda reminds me of a cross between Seraph of The end and Fairytail (erzas past)
Lazydrawings Lazydrawings Sep 19, 2016
I thought it said thunder instead of shudder and I was like freaking out like thinking ''Did the author just make a rick pun?"
hylianofthewoods hylianofthewoods Aug 09, 2016
Everyone's here saying they're Percy, Lapis, or some other third person (:P) and just alone in my own corner like:
                              I'm Demyx. :)
QueenOfSymmetry QueenOfSymmetry Aug 21, 2016
No, no not the tower of Heaven...not again...not Simon, no Jellal why...Fairy Tail flashbacks, major Fairy Tail flashbacks man....I am Erza......