Out of My League • jb

Out of My League • jb

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enigmv By enigmv Updated Jul 07, 2016

Music was everything Justin Bieber knew. He was a musical prodigy. He loved music. He breathed music. He lived for music.

After Justin Bieber's bad break-up with longtime girlfriend Danielle, he began losing his musical touch. He was depressed and reserved, a combination that doesn't mix well, especially as he was trying to gain more coverage as an up and coming musician.

That's until he finally talks to his muse one fateful night, Grace Frabray, his best friend's sister. Too bad he thought she was totally out of his league.


"Cause you were out of my league, had my heart beat racing."

playlist - http://8tracks.com/enigmv/out-of-my-league

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sacredbieber sacredbieber Feb 16, 2016
I love the fact that you came up with a character and decided to make her know Justin already. I think they have a good relationship so I'm really excited to read the rest :)
bizzlebabesxo bizzlebabesxo Mar 21, 2016
(Let's pretend they're white Vans) Damn grace back at it again with the white vans
rauhlrevivalx rauhlrevivalx Sep 16, 2015
Good introduce, I really like the first sight you gave us about the novel :)