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My name's Megan By youmakemeangry Updated Jun 28, 2015

"Should I get the ones with wings, or the super long ones?" I wondered aloud, pondering the mystery of feminine products. 

"I'd go with the wings, personally."


All Heller White has known for the past two years is prison. When he is released, he's angry at the world. But when he finds himself upon socially awkward and anxiety-ridden Wisconsin Mathews, things start to take an interesting turn. 

Can she handle his dangerous temper? Or his violent mood swings? What about the yelling nightmares? 

"Find someone whose demons are compatible with yours."

bucketofwords bucketofwords 13 hours ago
I'd rather have a big but, I hate boobs, like they get in the way, and I can't wear the shirts I want. A but is easier.
Littlemisssensitive1 Littlemisssensitive1 Aug 29, 2016
Same though I have never related to a character more in my life omg
gracefulactions gracefulactions Sep 25, 2016
I would honestly go for the super long ones, just because I bleed a lot... But yea.
WhenLifeGivesYouZac WhenLifeGivesYouZac Oct 05, 2016
She's me, if she had darker hair and less flawless skin, and dull blue eyes, but the boob comment is accurate
BookNooky BookNooky Dec 15, 2016
I'd like to thank this author for having the attractive person in the story have brown eyes and hair because no one ever gives us a boost it's always blond and blue eyes or brunette and green or something. Thank you for that
Aries_Rosa Aries_Rosa Jun 30, 2016
Okay there's a shop down the road from my house and always  the shopkeeper is a grumpy man and I get so embarrassed buying pads I can relate