The Spare (18+ Only) - Noblesse Oblige #1

The Spare (18+ Only) - Noblesse Oblige #1

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SunniSkys By SunniSkys Completed

Isis Kalenius isn't the nicest person in the world, but her sister, Phoenix, is much worse. 

When her sister's fiance, Leo DeRozan, calls her over into the VIP section with only one thing in mind, she sees an opportunity to get back at Phoenix and takes it. 

She forgot one thing about being royalty: someone is always watching. That night is no exception. 

One sex tape and several hours later, Isis and Leo find themselves married to each other, neither of them happy about it.

As they slowly become accustomed to life together, they discover that there are secrets all around them, and Leo realizes that Isis is not what he expected.

CHAPTER ONE had been made PRIVATE by Wattpad, so I made a censored version of Chapter One.
NOTICE: This story is intended for readers age 18+ due to its sexual content. It is not appropriate for all audiences. Please read at your own discretion. I claim no ownership of any image used.

This story is now COMPLETE.

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t-velez t-velez Mar 14, 2017
Yeah well you did had a child with a mistress *cough* Isis *cough* so don't be so mad, she got it from you. 😇
sweettalkinglady sweettalkinglady Jun 26, 2016
I can't help but notice that they didn't kiss... To me kissing is important but I'm guessing you did that on purpose didn't you? ;)