The Broken One

The Broken One

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Rowena RavenBlah By AMLKoski Completed


Liviya Burch had a wonderful life, loving parents and a bright future filled with love. That is until her eighteenth birthday when her entire world fell apart. when she discovered she had a flaw, she couldn't fall in love.

Liv, now twenty-five and out of hope, was given one last chance at finding her soul mate but when her flaw causes her to fail once again, she is slated for recycling. She feels hopeless and broken but love has a way of finding a person when they need it most.

 However, Liv discovers that life and love are never easy when everyone around her threatens to tear her and her soul mate apart.

  • aliens
  • broken
  • flawed
  • flaws
  • love
  • mates
  • medallions
  • one
  • sci-fi
  • soul
  • wattys2017
That's so sad and sweet. 😖 But your a really great writer.
Always was a bit of an alien and sci-fi nerd. Really good writing. I'll have to catch up on it when I can.
Oh my gosh! This is REALLY good! I think I just fell in love!! :D
MiculLup MiculLup Jun 21, 2016
*smacks Anna repeatedly* I TOLD YOU IT WAS PERFECTLY FINE! I really like it (and remember it now) and yes, enter it in the Wattys and finish it
Haven84 Haven84 Oct 19, 2016
This was one of the best starts to a story that I've read in a while!
IvetteColon IvetteColon Feb 19
@AnnaMLKoski  I just noticed that you inspired me for the story I am writting!!!??? 😮. They also fool with DNAs in my story!!  **Falls unconscious**