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It all started with a call, a call neither one of them will forget. It started with a kiss, a kiss neither one of them will forget. 

Cedes Element is your typical 16 year old whose trying to get by her junior year of high school. She has her life going for her, she’s the school’s boys lacrosse captain and on the cheerleading team. She’s happy where she is, until she gets a call. Her childhood best friend is coming back in town, to live with her. She has no idea of what to expect of Emery, I mean she hasn’t seen this kid for 8 years. How will things go? 

Emery Woods life has never gone right. At age of 9 he had to leave his best friend behind and move 1,000 miles away. Age of 14 his dad passed from a heart attack. Now? At age 17 his mom passes in a car accident. By law Emery now has to move back 1,000 miles to live with his now guardians, his childhood best friend. The Element’s. He’s barely even kept in touched with them for 8 years and now he has to live with them? He has no idea what Cedes looks like nor does he even know if Mr. And Mrs. Element are the fun and loving friends they were 8 years ago. How will things go?

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Snowriderr Snowriderr May 25, 2016
I think this would be better worded as:
                              No more sleepovers. No more tackle football. No more Emery.
mayurika_reddy mayurika_reddy Aug 02, 2016
wait isnt cedes the guy (totally forgot the name) in broken peices
listenup247 listenup247 Apr 16, 2014
I like it, but shouldn't there be more about Emery's feelings as his mum has died?
macknc macknc Jan 25, 2014
I am on chapter 1 but this seems like an interesting story already
Jessiikkaa95 Jessiikkaa95 Jan 24, 2014
I am getting frustrated, there is a song in this story which I became obsessed with when I first read the story but I cannot remember what it is called. Could someone name some of the songs that is in the story pleaseeeeeeeeee?
boring? Are you serious? You got me hooked on the first sentence!!!