Death x Rin Okumura

Death x Rin Okumura

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Hi there! I'm Death. I have just met the guy of my dreams, but there's a problem. I don't know if he'll accept me for who.. or I suppose, what I really am. A hybrid... a monster! A half-demon. 

(Death, a girl born with pale skin and white hair along with icy blue eyes, she has little pigment in her skin and cannot be in the sun during the summer or she will easily be sunburned, daughter of Nick, her father, the human and Lacy, her mother, the demon)
(Rin Okumura: One main character from the Blue Exorcist series, character rights to those it belongs to, for more info visit the Blue Exorcist wiki)

I ask that you do not leave any nasty or hateful comments directed at anyone, as this story was my first, and just for fun. Need any info or have questions about the story? Feel free to comment or message me, I will respond as soon as I can.

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anime_hoee anime_hoee Sep 05, 2017
*rims out of room, into kitchen, and comes back with COSCO box of ramen noodles* "hehehe!" *throws giant box in your face* "I LIKE RAMEN!" *runs away laughing evilly while you stare in confusion*
worthlesswaifu worthlesswaifu Nov 13, 2017
I live near a ramen noodle place called naruto. I'm not joking.
catwoman1247 catwoman1247 May 21, 2017
My mom has a bath room like that but it has a walk in closet attach to in and a double sink with a hug mirror
Phoenix_Moon Phoenix_Moon Jun 16, 2017
                              (Me and naruto eat all the ramen)
animuneko animuneko Nov 26, 2017
○ ____
                                    ∥      |
                                    ∥   Nyaa~    |
                                    ∥      |
                                    ∥ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
                               ( =ヮ=∥
                               丶 つ
crazy_koneko_chan crazy_koneko_chan Mar 15, 2017
Ceil : WHY NOT DOGS YOU DID CATS FOR SEBASTIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \{ #×}/