Badass Mate

Badass Mate

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HuskyFizz By HuskyFizz Updated Aug 18, 2016

(I wrote this when I was 11-12 so plz don't hate.)
Hades is the name and her name speaks for her she's an 18-year-old werewolf in her pack she is an omega but luckily they don't abuse her just pretend she's not there. Her mother died when she was only 5 her dad is also an omega. But when she's at werewolf academy she's the bitch of the school but hides behind the hood and has sick skills in fighting and has a sick aim with a bow and arrow.

Damien is the soon to be the alpha of Bloodshed pack he doesn't care about any of the omegas, was the bad boy of the academy and doesn't let anyone stand in his way. And plays with girls like toys and most of the girls at the school lost the virginity to him because well, he's next in line for the alpha title.

So what happens when Hades joins the school and turns out to be the mate of Damien and what happens when she reveals who's behind the hood? Will Damien accept her or reject? Better yet will Hades?

Plz no copyrighting this story is MINE!!!! ALL MINE!!! NO SHARING 
Enjoy the story.

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