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Yaoi trash By YEOLLOVER Updated Jan 15

Zaellie is an ordinary girl.She lives with her Mom and her brother ,her mom was working in a company.They were happily living together but one day Zaellie heard a surprising news.She's going to get married with the Company owner's son.

Her mom explained it to her. "I'm doing this because I want to keep my job,to keep us alive!"
"You can just find another Job!"Zaellie said

"No..I can't....I had a deal with Mr.Jeon.I can't refuse that! It will be a horrible mistake"
Zaellie understood what her mom was trying to say...But it's just not fair.

~To be continued

JokbalLuverT JokbalLuverT Dec 22, 2016
My father has an IQ of 172....yep I'm not joking..damn I wish I can change brains with him
ShanaMara ShanaMara Jan 15
Uhmmmm are the people in this story dead-proof cuz they all gonna die when Namjoon is cooking
infiresyoonmin infiresyoonmin Nov 23, 2016
I hate math but I'm quite good at it...... I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!
JokbalLuverT JokbalLuverT Dec 22, 2016
*Boo Seungkwan comes out of nowhere*
                              OH LADIES!THIS IS YOUR STORY!IJE WAKE UP WAKE UP!!
JokbalLuverT JokbalLuverT Dec 22, 2016
I used to love math..when we were still in additions,multiplications....BUT NOW WITH THE FORMULAS..THE INTEGERS..ASHSHHDHJDJJ..KILL ME
PinkHomewearBoi PinkHomewearBoi Dec 20, 2016
I honestly can't imagine rap mon cooking despite he stuggled so much to just cut an onion in half like he did in weekly idol😂