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Yoongslut👅💦 By YEOLLOVER Updated Apr 15

Zaellie is an ordinary girl.She lives with her Mom and her brother ,her mom was working in a company.They were happily living together but one day Zaellie heard a surprising news.She's going to get married with the Company owner's son.

Her mom explained it to her. "I'm doing this because I want to keep my job,to keep us alive!"
"You can just find another Job!"Zaellie said

"No..I can't....I had a deal with Mr.Jeon.I can't refuse that! It will be a horrible mistake"
Zaellie understood what her mom was trying to say...But it's just not fair.

~To be continued

Who the heck likes math, I mean I used to when I would get everything right like in addition, subtraction and stuff like that. But now there's letters in math, nope eff it, I give up. I hate it (no offense to math lovers)
I just imagine tae tae with the most funniest alien smirk and his wink is just some dust went into his eye 😂😂😂 aaaaa but he still capable of doing such rude thing 😑
*suengkwans voice* Justeu Wake up wake up wake up wae wae cup wake up wake up wake up
JokbalLuverT JokbalLuverT Dec 22, 2016
My father has an IQ of 172....yep I'm not joking..damn I wish I can change brains with him
ShanaMara ShanaMara Jan 15
Uhmmmm are the people in this story dead-proof cuz they all gonna die when Namjoon is cooking