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Loved and Abandoned

Loved and Abandoned

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MsTattoos191 By MsTattoos191 Updated Sep 26, 2010

How much suffering can one person take? How long does it take before enough is enough?
Jayleen can't remember the last time she was happy for a long period of time because her entire life there was nothing, but suffering. Right now her life is the definition of suffering. Living with the only family she has left, her cruel aunt, she's forced to move away from the only place she's ever called home. Her home of Francis Heights. But now she's done something she's never done before; she's shutting everyone out.... for good. Losing the guy she's ever loved was the last straw and now everyone in her new town questions her, but never gets answers. 

Except she never expected to meet Liam And Erick. These 2 guys are total opposites in her school and have some kind of rivalry they'll won't share with anyone, but they have one thing in common. They want to meet Jayleen.... 
Can these guys help her get over her pain? Or is her aunt and her suffering itself too much already? Follow the story of a girl with a past as she meets 2 guys that might have the cure to her broken soul and help her find her answers to questions she never found the answers to.

MsTattoos191 MsTattoos191 Sep 03, 2010
Thanks For The Feedback But Unfortunately Im Horrible At Editing xD
                              Any Help.?
                              -Thanks A Bunch
heyitsjustsophia heyitsjustsophia Sep 03, 2010
This is good:) 
                              But like some other people said downn there, you should go over it before uploading to check your spelling and stuff :) 
                              Oh and I would recommend using the actual word "two" and "one" instead of 2 and 1.  
                              Keep it up thoguhhh ! It's really good(: 
Kay-KAylalala Kay-KAylalala Sep 03, 2010
See, now if I was Jayleen, she wouldnt have had the luxury of seeing me fall i would have just popped right up and socked her before she could laugh lmao! Anyway, this is really good, I'm glad i discovered it
Marzipan Marzipan Aug 18, 2010
This is a good story! You should run through it and do some spell checking and fix a few grammatical errors. But other than that good job!! You should read my story Lynx or Ear Falls... you might like it!!
tsutton tsutton Aug 17, 2010
great story thus far you need spell check ok red my story Red Silk its updated the 15th ok im new to wattpad also and need to now if younger crowd like what i have posted so far ok im now your fan keep up great writing
UltimateStoriez UltimateStoriez Aug 15, 2010
This is pretty good. A bit more description would be nice and, I guess beter words (Using a thesuraus helps). It seems you're just using the basics for description and actions. Good job.
                              xoxo hayley ♥