Distractions (teacherxstudent) (Lesbian Story)

Distractions (teacherxstudent) (Lesbian Story)

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I want to thank everyone who even considers reading, and actually reads and votes ahead of time. I try to thank people personally and as much as I can. Thanks 
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*There's a small mention of rape, in one part: Chapter 31. Happy readying!*

Carter's a popular, but really smart girl at school. She's a goody goody jock and plays on the boys basketball team at her school. She's known to be cute, she's never been kissed, and never been in a relationship, but no one exactly knows that. She's asked out a lot, but she turns them down. She insists that she just wants to focus and keep her priorities straight. She doesn't need a girlfriend, it would distract her, she has to get the best grades. But what if she's distracted by someone anyway. Will she be able to ignore it?

God_I_Am God_I_Am Apr 18
This wouldn't be as bad if carter wasn't an arrogant jerk. No one actually talks like that 😂
AftonRM AftonRM Jul 21
This happened to me every single school year since like 3rd grade. It was kinda embarrassing.
Is Carter identified as male??? because I know she is a female
Is her voice really that low to make it sound like she's a he lol
Is it wrong if me to obsess on this book, reading it the 12th time. I hope not.
You probably remember me.. *awkwardly chuckles* now I've stopped counting how many time have read this book. This is still my favorite book!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍