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She's My Pureblooded Master?!

She's My Pureblooded Master?!

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Courtney By alice121 Updated Jun 19, 2011

They say on average most people live a normal, uneventful life. Well, that's true... for some but not for most.

Edward Matts was always a normal 16 year old, as most people thought; nothing strange about him. Until a most unfortunate event that would change his life and perspective on it forever and no one ever would have guessed it would happen in a tiny little town like Pittlesdem. Now Edward must fight off things he didn’t even think existed! Making allies and fighting enemies! He must fight beside a mysterious vampire girl to take upon the revenge he thirsts for!

kelseyandpatch kelseyandpatch Dec 28, 2010
@alice121 @alice121 Welcome! Oh haha! Well I still wanna read it!! :)
alice121 alice121 Dec 28, 2010
@kelseyandpatch Awsome thanks!!! XD And i only got it yesterday so i havent read much so i cant tell you XD
kelseyandpatch kelseyandpatch Dec 28, 2010
Haha! I love it!! And Unicorns vs. Zombies? Really? Is it good? I wanna read it now.. :)
alice121 alice121 Aug 19, 2010
@BadLuck  But i love the name >.< and yeah Mustang is much cooler XD and I suck at english names so thats what i came up with lol but i made chapter two so its hard to change the name
BadLuck BadLuck Aug 19, 2010
@alice121 OK I admit Edward Elric is cool (though Mustang is cooler) but you really should change the name
alice121 alice121 Aug 19, 2010
@BadLuck Ohhhh lol I just got that name from an anime i watch <3 I love my Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist not STUPID Edward Cullen grrrrrrr