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The Raven Blossom

The Raven Blossom

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Jakk Xander Moon By MrZacharyUchiha54 Completed

Sasuke Uchiha is the new student at Konaha high school. He's your typical dark, brooding, mysterious, anti-social teen who doesn't care much about anyone else, until he meets Sakura Haruno and her slightly different friends. Read the defining moments of Sasuke and Sakuras high school journey full of laughs, love, and really twisted villains.

MY FRIENDS WOULD DO THAT BUT THEY DON'T SOO. . it doesn't count?? Meh, whatever
skyler_germaya123 skyler_germaya123 Apr 03, 2016
Oh wow....these bestfriends have a really really  nice topic.....
NurAllysaEizzaty NurAllysaEizzaty Feb 16, 2016
Everytime I look at the word that was not finish I always love to say this.....
                              I get a hangover uuuooooo..... I been drinking to much for sure ooo......
                              Darn I need to stop doing that but what can I do??? It my instincts.....
Angelica__17 Angelica__17 Jun 27, 2016
Me: But you wuv him Sasuke-kun
                              Sasuke: *glares at me*
                              Me: *sweatdrops* I ment to say at a friend way Sasuke-kun *smirks at him* I know you love Sakura
                              Sasuke: *looks away with a small blush* hn
                              Me: score xD
Sakura_Nara_Hyuga Sakura_Nara_Hyuga Aug 29, 2016
Shika is bae 
                              Neji is bae
                              Hinata is Nee-cha
                              Sakura is onee-chan
                              TenTen is Nee-chan
                              Kiba is nii-san
                              Naruto is Aniki
                              Sasuke is bae
awkward_af awkward_af Apr 19, 2016
Wtf  Gaara is wayyyyyy more chill than that. I mean he's not that chill with his slight psychopathic tendencies  (ex: basically being the murderer at the Chunin Exams) but he's definitely not the "bully" type. And Gaara does NOT smirk!
                              Lmao I should calm down. Sorry my inner loser was coming out.