Annabeth Learning of Percy's Past

Annabeth Learning of Percy's Past

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Cassie Dawn By cschirmer1416 Updated Apr 04, 2015

When Percy was young, he lived with his mother, Sally, and his stepfather, Smelly Gabe, he went through all different types of abuse, all unknown to his mother. Not even the gods knew what was happening with their soon-to-be savior. 
The war against Gaea was won about a year ago, and our young heroes are still trying to get back on their feet. Most of the heroes only fought in two wars, which is a lot, especially considering their young age, but our main hero, Perseus “Percy” Jackson, has gone through so much more than most know. 
When Percy was young, with Smelly Gabe as his stepfather, Percy went through much abuse, hidden from his mother. 

Let me know if I should continue this story or just leave it as a one-shot. 

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RayMan605 RayMan605 Feb 05
I want percy's power of breathing underwater it's great about when you want to be left alone
Abekke_Di_Angelo Abekke_Di_Angelo Sep 02, 2017
They only use your full name to let you know they're about to hurt you worse than ever before, just without actually saying it.
CatTrick CatTrick Feb 10
Love how he's just like
                              Wait for him to come out of the ocean
                              Like that's normal
_John__Laurens_ _John__Laurens_ Oct 27, 2017
He just says it so chill like oh ya he was abused! Have a good day.
lililz2005 lililz2005 Sep 11, 2017
What I want to know is, why is Chiron acting like it is no big deal? I would think that he would of talked to Percy about it in the big house earlier in the day, but yet he has done nothing........
MartianMeercat MartianMeercat Jun 22, 2017
Uh...I'm pretty sure about half of what you did could be the explanation as to why he was angry and stormed out...using words like 'so I kicked it down' , 'I ripped the covers off him' , and 'I yelled at him' to explain what happened to an adult is probably not how you want to do that Annabeth...