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Snatched: A Dolan Twins Fanfic

Snatched: A Dolan Twins Fanfic

390K Reads 8.7K Votes 33 Part Story
Dolan Twins Imagines By dolan_twins_imagines Completed

15 Year old Emily Larosa has a pretty good life living in New Jersey. She loves to spend time with her boyfriend, Ethan, and her best friend Madison along with Grayson. Everything was perfect. But what if that could all change with one little note? Will this be the end of her life...or the beginning of a completely new one?

My name is Katie I don't like my name curse u mum and dad 😂
calyefornia calyefornia Sep 28, 2016
wow i wish i had that. all the boys at my school are f boi. they judge from a scale to slut and nut wtff? 😊😭
This is weird. I have a friend named Madison and Emily is my sister's name. What is this witchcraft
I read the title of this story and instantly thought it was about a girl who's weave gets snatched. Sorry.
BabyMamaDolan BabyMamaDolan Nov 09, 2016
Grayson is a fake, where da candy at tho, I would have threatened to break up with him if there was no candy. Don't get me wrong, I love myself a dose of Grayson, but when it comes to candy, don't mess with me!😈😈👹
BabyMamaDolan BabyMamaDolan Nov 09, 2016
I would have slapped him, " WHERE'S MEH CANDY BAAAAATCH???!?!?!"