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His Hidden Marriage

His Hidden Marriage

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H I M E • S A M A By adorkable07 Updated Jun 23

"I do." He answered in a monotone. 

It was to be expected from the boy who was forced into this marriage agreement at the age of 15. 

He could at least smile a little since we were on the same boat here. But it was hilarious really; not one person in here, knew the real reason why this was happening.

Obviously they believe in the fate of love a little too much. 

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." The priest said, smiling widely at the young couple standing before him.

Ryler, clenched his jaw and stared at me intently; making me feel slightly intimidated.

 He made a move to whisper in my ear.

"Trust me- you will regret this ever happened." 

With that being said; he pulled away to stretch a fake smile on his face before leaning in slowly to press his lips against mine. 
It wasn't a soft passionate kiss like those in the movies. 

It was anger disguised as if that 'I do' actually meant something. 

Only I knew what it meant:

He was going to make me pay. 

#147 Teen Fiction: 16/04/16

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adorkable07 adorkable07 May 23
People don't really say it in a particular country... it's just the way Finn talks. 😂😂
WeirdoFairy WeirdoFairy May 23
What country is it if they say oi? Just wondering im American.
A person just after my heart. I love anime more than my sister
Regret feeling this for the wrong person 😔, honestly. Wish I could have felt it for the first time for the right one.  😢
SpringRainn SpringRainn Dec 31, 2016
I don't know anything about Amiens but I do know about dramas and kpop
hebs121 hebs121 Jun 21, 2016
are u rewritin it? cuz i think i already read his hidden marriage