Alpha Xavier's Unknown Daughter(UNDER MAJOR EDITING)

Alpha Xavier's Unknown Daughter(UNDER MAJOR EDITING)

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Bella By DreamVivid Completed

Rain hit hard against the glass windows, lighting struck in the sky; the house shook. I shivered, my Wolf had an uneasy vibe to him and being an Alpha that's never good. 

I tossed and turned, getting frustrated, I pull the covers off of my body going to the kitchen. I grab a water bottle, I drink a large gulp before setting it back in the fridge. I was startled when I heard the door knock. "Who's up this late and in the storm?" I mutter to myself. 

I open the door to reveal nobody. I shrugged about to close the door until I heard a baby cry. 

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Cover by sweetsarebest


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JuliannaM11 JuliannaM11 Apr 22
He's hot and all but I'm going to imagine Dylan O'Brien 😏😍
If my mum did that I'll be like "get the f@ck out of my house "
inappropriateMendes inappropriateMendes Mar 11, 2016
Nshwkamdifoxlroa the name I CAN'T freaking pronounce!!!!* omg sjhgdbhshsbs db fudge!
aFlowerForaKiss aFlowerForaKiss Feb 19, 2016
Man, I'm going to be the b¡T¢hy mother in the story ~Michelle aka BieberLookMyWay
mandi_m94 mandi_m94 Feb 15, 2016
Hot damn, what is this dudes name..? I feel a social media stalk sess coming on! Lol
ChaChasTurner ChaChasTurner Apr 14, 2016
He his dad walking around with just sweats on then must still young n good looking "baby wantcha come my way" -fetty wap