Yes, Ms. Robinson (Interracial Sapphic BDSM )

Yes, Ms. Robinson (Interracial Sapphic BDSM )

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B. Robinson By B_S_Robinson Updated May 10, 2017

(Warning: BDSM, Lesbian, Interracial and age gap love story, if you don't like that please leave kindly)

When a young graceless, introvert artist, named Ashley Black lives in the busy city of New York is called for an assignment to paint a big spender, huge fashion brand designer; Eliza Robinson, one of the most richest women in all of New York. Ashley assumes Ms. Robinson is a snob and will have a boring time painting her for Ms. Robinson's portrait but no... Maybe it's not, maybe she actually does get to know Ms. Robinson instead of accusing her for what she think she is, and what is in the papers.

Though, Eliza Robinson has her dark desires that Ashley is not so used to seeing. But also Eliza Robinson has a very dark scary past... And has been locked away, secured shut tight for years from others, Eliza suffers constantly every now and then. Will Eliza ever break out of her fear from her dark past? Maybe Ashley can help her find her light that glows within her, that has been hidden for quite sometime.

Will they both break each other's barriers for the good of them both? May Ashley be exposed to a new style of her hidden inner desires and explore her sensuality that she's never knew? Who knows, right? 
Please enjoy this story.

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I hate people like her. 
                              How can u hate someone you do not know?.
MizzyMysty MizzyMysty Dec 22, 2017
I don't wanna be included with a BDSM activities but I like reading one 😂
I honestly thought that said KFC airport for a second 🤦🏾‍♀️
CumWaffleDaddySquirt CumWaffleDaddySquirt Dec 06, 2017
College student and desperately needs money for college
                              ... gives a big ass tip for a college student
CumWaffleDaddySquirt CumWaffleDaddySquirt Dec 06, 2017
Save some of that money for the future since I see a pattern of cancer coming to your future
Obiwankenobe Obiwankenobe Feb 12, 2017
That's like saying I hate blak peepole cause they're all mean😂Which isn't true.