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Ana By beyoncess Updated Jul 07, 2015

Drugs, guns, sex, and of course, Italian mafia.

The family business held secrets that she never knew about and never really cared about. Until she met him. She can't help but fear him, and he can't help but care for her.

"Say you're mine, inamorata. Say you're my sweetheart, my inamorata."

Inamorata: a woman with whom you are in love or have an intimate relationship.

  • drugs
  • fear
  • guns
  • inamorata
  • italian
  • love
  • mafia
  • possessive
LittySprinklez LittySprinklez Jun 10, 2017
Goodnight lil "miss-y".
                              Get it.
                              Cause she missed the shot?
                              😁 i humor myself
afirewolf2000 afirewolf2000 Nov 25, 2017
Don't worry I hate babies as well I hate children but they all love me
ABH051603 ABH051603 Sep 08, 2017
Where Lucy come from?? Man I didn't know people came up outta thin air like that. Deadddd
ABH051603 ABH051603 Sep 08, 2017
Hey Author! Yeah you! Listen!! Please!!!!!! Put the translation! My God!
staceyisthebest123 staceyisthebest123 Aug 28, 2017
It would of been understandable if he was 23 but boii if u ain't gon settle at 27 when u gon settle???.🤔
DancingBlueFeet DancingBlueFeet Jun 09, 2017
Bruh she's definitely getting pregnant unexpectedly in this book