Jay Park Scenario

Jay Park Scenario

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*Author Cap*

Guys Ima still learning bout writing scenario so let me know your thoughts about my writing.  Anything, contents, language (my english considered poor, biggest apology ). So let me know my wrongs, I'll work hard to  fix it and to make it better. I accept request, will work hard to please you guys desire (underline im considered as being very bad at doing smut scenario so please try to take care of me, 부탁한다 ❤). Hope you guys enjoy it .

It was friday night when you accompanying your bestfriend Han Sae Na going to the club. She wants to see indie music performance at d club n she's been begging desperately to you to go with her. Left with no choice, you were approving her invitation so she would stop her masochist behaviour. 

"Ure not pissing aight?" Sae Na smiled, taking out her eye smiles seeing you.

"If i answer that will you send me home?" Inhaling your soda.

"As expected, ure my best friend" Tapping your butt to tease you. 

The club is crowded with people while bot...

ziacobitch ziacobitch Nov 29
Hes Not A Kpop Star. He Aint Even Kpop. Hes K-HipHop. And Nah It Aint Da Same
Hi you there @kiamori, thank you for the likes 👸 . do you have any suggestion for the next scenario ?
I doubt it. My name is spelled funny compared to the common way.
SolsWifeu9 SolsWifeu9 Oct 01
SHINee *düdüdüdüü can I get your number düdüdüdüü*
Same 😑👌🏻 
                              But I love me some daddy Simon d and jay park