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One Direction Bit Me!

One Direction Bit Me!

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Lils By LiLLyCoOLeSt1 Updated 4 days ago

Getting bitten by a vampire is something, but getting bitten by five hot vampire celebrities is something else. 

Amberia Purt is a 17 year old American Directioner. Just like every other directioner, she dreams to meet the five knights in shining armor of her life. Who could know taking a short bathroom break could change your life? 

*Dramatic gasp.* 

This story should be categorized as vampire, werewolves, fan-fiction, teen-fiction, adventure, fantasy, humor, mystery/thriller, paranormal, & romance, but unfortunately they only allow each story to be put in only 2 categories.

[X] This is the ONE & ONLY One Direction Bit Me. I've seen so many imitations after this fanfic, and I want you all to know that this is the ORIGINAL. Thank you! :) 

[This story is UNEDITED, so please don't complain about errors, plot-holes, and etc. WARNING: It's also BATSHIT CRAZY HAHAHAHAHA.]

-This story is completely HUMOROUS, so stop taking it so seriously.-

Me: this is okay. This is good. All we have to do is remain calm 
                              Amber: I'm calm 
                              Me: I know this might feel like a bad situation, but we've got to keep a clear head. 
                              Amber: my head is clear
                              Me: *shakes Amber* ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS STAY CALM!!!
AnotherPicses AnotherPicses 3 days ago
Zayn stop it before I somehow transport myself there to kick you in the groin
AnotherPicses AnotherPicses 3 days ago
Wait if you JUST got the urge to pee then you'd be able to hold it. If you've been holding it for a long time then you would HAVE to go.
AnotherPicses AnotherPicses 3 days ago
I'm going to kill myself
                              .....because I forgot about Zayn
Wait so like the band is like "wow she's hot and she is going to the bathroom, let's cancel this concert millions of people paid their money for and bite the girl because that's not selfish at all"
How old is she anyway? Couldn't she just get a part time job and save money?