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Our Dirty Little Secret//S.W.

Our Dirty Little Secret//S.W.

114K Reads 1.6K Votes 23 Part Story
baby t. By rocketquccn Completed

Addison Rose Williams has caught feelings for Samuel Wilkinson. But she's in a relationship with Cameron Dallas. Sam has always found a liking in Addison ever since they were kids. Cameron has the kindest heart and is extremely sensitive. Sam on the other hand is hard. Not a whole lot of feelings go into who he is and how he works. He plays life like a game. But what happens when the games is now Sam's best friend Cameron's heart and Addison sneaks around with Sam because she is displeased with Cameron taking things slow. Sam already has a girl of his own, Bailey, Addison's bully. Will they be able to play out the game with lies and cheating, or will they be caught and their game of luck end. 
Find out in 'Our Dirty Little Secret.'

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