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The Red Tempered Dragon

The Red Tempered Dragon

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Never the one to tell By Purple_Wolfie Completed

The Ryuu's dragons symbolize wisdom, power, and excellence but one thing about the Ryuu Clan that every first and 15th day of each month they receive powers only getting stronger and stronger by each month. That and the only surviving Ryuu member is a girl named; Ryuu Akane - "Brilliant Red Dragon" She has the power to control all nine dragons to which she is closer to them. But Akane has another history  - she is also a Hyuuga, and little known to her she's also part Uchiha, Senju and a dark blood of a Evil God named Jashin. Follow on the journey of Akane - The Red Tempered Dragon!!

- - Dec 12, 2016
In some ways school can be worse than a normal prison though it really depends on the person
IvanTheGayest IvanTheGayest Jan 14, 2016
They call him The Kyuubi or Nine-tails but Kurama is his real name.They only find out his name in Shippuden.
IvanTheGayest IvanTheGayest Jan 14, 2016
I read this part in the voice of the dude who is a narrator for Kuroko no Basuke in the beggining.
Animelove4eva Animelove4eva Dec 28, 2015
I can tell by the summary that this is gonna be awesome and I haven't even started yet
SHINeelikeastAR SHINeelikeastAR Oct 13, 2013
i liiike :3 please continue hehehe i also like the lonely wolf one ;~; i wanna read mooree~
Purple_Wolfie Purple_Wolfie Dec 10, 2012
And to my fans who send me those messages to continue this story :)