Faeries (Phan) {COMPLETED}

Faeries (Phan) {COMPLETED}

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[Aight so I've read 89574934935 phanfics since Christmas so I'm gonna give this a go]

Fairies are good sprites. Faeries are evil sprites. When Dan meets Phil, a raven-haired boy claiming he's hopelessly lost in the woods, he can't tell if Phil is really human.

 Dan's seen every neck of this wood, and along with the trees come sprites - some good, some evil. Some sprites just like playing tricks on humans, some like to play with them, but others, specifically the faeries, try to make humans fall in love with them. Once they've got someone under their spell, they'll leave them with a broken heart - and some broken bones.

So, Dan is hesitant to fall in love with the mysterious blue-eyed boy he finds in the wood.

But when he does, his love is faced with the ultimate task: would he risk his own life to save Dan's?

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The small orb of light part is giving me huge supernatural vibes
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I haven't been able to look at food the same way after... The incident
I know like 10 people before me have already done this but i have to (I'm sorry) 
                              Hi my name is [Dan]
fae are actually really nice if you're nice to them and dont disturb them or anything
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Lmao I have only had Diet Coke and cherry coke (which is now ruined by the cherry fic)
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