The Angel of Freedom [SNK/AOT]

The Angel of Freedom [SNK/AOT]

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Crystal Kitsune By KitsuneNoTenshi Updated Dec 20, 2016

Angel Jaeger is Eren's dear little sister, and he would do anything to protect her, but it may just be impossible in the reality they live in. Titans are destroying their world and- no matter how much they try to rebuild their lives- everything is slowly crumbling apart.

Through all the hardships, sacrifices must be made. They must adapt in order to survive. But can they survive the harsh world together? Or will Angel abandon all hope and leave her old self behind, along with her brother? Can Eren save her before she slips into darkness? Can anyone?

Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin does NOT belong to me. Only Angel belongs to me. Everything else, including pictures, belong to their rightful owners.

Happy_reader52 Happy_reader52 May 16, 2016
Its so good that can't stop listening to it. I think it has to do with me just loving the sound of the violin.
Loco4Coco-Manga Loco4Coco-Manga Nov 06, 2016
Man That Hairstyle Of Death Is A Curse, Find Another Hairstyle Mom. Like there are cuter ones
figure_skating figure_skating Nov 15, 2016
It's my next figure skating solo song in fact and I love practically all of her songs
JessLoughridge JessLoughridge Aug 26, 2016
You're amazing at writing, don't let anyone tell you differently
Angel_jaeger Angel_jaeger Aug 13, 2016
excuse me, but may I ask how you now these things about me?
                              I am a bit confused
GravityRises618 GravityRises618 Aug 09, 2016
*Sees AruAni* 
                              I see. My ship Is here. I must get going.
                              (That's how I imagined it)