The Animal Within You

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Catarina By MsCatarina Updated 18 hours ago
Meet Caitlyn Garcia, a 15 year old girl living in New Jersey. With only a family of two (herself and her father) the days flash by, adding onto Caitlyn's boring and quiet life. That was until she turned 16, when a teenage boy crashed into her life, changing it drastically. Having to change schools, meet new people, and even figuring out some secrets, Caitlyn and her new friends gradually come closer to the truth.  
    What danger lies ahead in Caitlyn's path? 
    What secrets will she eventually dig up? 
    Most importantly, was her life all but a lie?
    Everything's going to get extremely difficult for Caitlyn, especially with her newly earned ears and tail.
This is a great book and it's my first book I read. Your not as bad as I thought before I read and you said you were a beginner, but you are better than me! Great job!!! :-)
I cannot get over how much I love the cover!!!
                                    I just love love love it!
For some reason, I picture Caitlyn as Carly Rey Jepsen...WTF?!? lolz (I think I  spelled Carly's name wrong XD)
im addicted to it so i stay reading this book till 3:00 in the morning but i do home school so its ok btw    love your book
I love this book! . If it ever becomes a movie ( and I bet it will ) I would love to be Caitlyn!
@MsCatarina333, wolves are my favorite animals of all time :D