Come Together|Sodapop Curtis|

Come Together|Sodapop Curtis|

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anything alternative By kait8reads Updated Nov 08, 2015

Avery was always just part of the gang, she was never pictured as a broad or toy, not to her friends. She was always there, through everything, no matter how violent or how heated it became she was always right there for her gang no matter what it might cost her. She loved those boys with all of her heart. They weren't just her friends, they were her brothers.
When Avery's father dies leaving her all alone, it's her gang's turn to pick up the pieces. As she grows closer to Soda, her best friend, their feelings toward each other increase rapidly. Horrid nightmares and silent tears to hurtful lies and bloody switchblades, Avery and the gang must come together to avoid falling apart.

**All rights go to the amazing S.E. Hinton**

This story takes place before the plot of the actual Outsiders occurs, so Johnny and Dally are still with us and breathing. Please feel free to message me with any suggestions or questions you have. Vote, follow and don't be a silent reader.

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Cinnabxnne Cinnabxnne Dec 20, 2017
I’ve only brushed my teeth with my finger once and i hated it.
HelloOutThere2 HelloOutThere2 Jun 15, 2017
I do that all the time when I can't find my toothbrush cuz my family has a toothbrush for every god damn thing 😂
_staysilverhorseboy _staysilverhorseboy May 28, 2017
Awww I can imagine a little 8 year old Ponyboy hiding behind Darry and then coming out with a shy look on his face it's so adorable 😍
that's horrible. My dad had to have a quadruple heart bypass a few years ago and I don't know what I would do without him.
409coffeemakers 409coffeemakers Aug 03, 2016
Okay but the amount of times I've done that is actually quite depressing😂 like I have multiple toothbrushes but I'm just so lazy I don't want to get them out of the cabinet
scarlettnotjohansson scarlettnotjohansson Mar 23, 2015
Hey I'm Scarlett :) I just wanted to welcome you to wattpad and to let you know that your writing is really good. You're off to a great start. If you need anything, I'm here. :)