Rejects // Punk Luke Hemmings

Rejects // Punk Luke Hemmings

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"Is it some huge secret? I know I'm a reject," I shrugged as I said the words and turned to walk away. 

Kara Jennings had always stood out among her class. So it was no new thing to her when she moved to Australia. People gave her weird stares and shoved her into lockers for being the "new girl," but Kara was used to it. 

However, she wasn't used to having attractive popular boys pay any attention to her. But Luke Hemmings, the most perfect human being Kara had laid eyes on, was paying very close attention to her indeed. And she didn't know how to talk to a boy, much less him.



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what do you think of the comeback so far? personally, i love it
Hazel_TRXYE Hazel_TRXYE Feb 05, 2016
Ok I'm sorry but karma Jennings and Luke hemmings??!!! Seriously
1D_Hemmings_96 1D_Hemmings_96 Aug 15, 2016
Same and the teacher is like a friend to us she's really nice
ThanksPete_10 ThanksPete_10 Dec 30, 2015
LEDA I LOVE LEDA SHES ONE OF MY FAVORITE YOUTUBERS (I'm talkin about the pictures that's LedaMonsterBunnie now it's just Leda Muir)
5sosgirl124 5sosgirl124 Aug 30, 2015
This is a great first chapter! Omg. I can't wait to read the rest of the book. On to chapter 2. I know it will be great
HannaMation93 HannaMation93 Aug 27, 2015
awesome first chapter! if the rest r like this I think I've found a new favorite book!