Now that I've got Your Attention

Now that I've got Your Attention

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I glared at Shizu-Chan and he glared back before we were knocked out by Celty's shadows.


I woke up and my vision was blurry with blotches of black littering it. I blinked a few times clearing my vision before looking down to see that black tendrils of Celty's shadows where wrapped tightly around me.

I looked beside me to see Shizu-Chan in the same position but he was just blinking his eyes open. I looked to the front of us to see Shinra sipping hot tea with a strange look in his eyes. Celty was sitting beside him on the couch with her helmet off. She was typing something on her phone.

"Oh good your finally awake!" Said Shinra clapping his hands together," now that I have your attention, lets talk about your feelings for each other!"


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MysteryBonnie MysteryBonnie Nov 05, 2017
Wow shinra, that's so nice of you to tell him. What a good friend
twixter123 twixter123 Jul 09, 2017
I feel extremely awkward in knowing that Shinra had this in his house
DatOneFujoshi DatOneFujoshi May 12, 2017
                              (ALL SHIPPERS CHANT)
DatOneFujoshi DatOneFujoshi May 12, 2017
SHINRA THE SHIPPERS TRUSTED U! NOW...U have betrayed Iza-kun,...u must die... (lol.)
anasofiahyde anasofiahyde Nov 08, 2016
Shinra! God... you're too mean in this chapter... I know that Izaya is a son of bitch but come on! A friend don't do that.
Wolfelove123 Wolfelove123 Feb 13, 2017
I'm liking this very much I bet our little rider uses it on our cute little doctor