Brave Princess - A Bellarke Story

Brave Princess - A Bellarke Story

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"Then how should I know that you will do it right?" she asks, raising her eyebrows and then cringing in pain.
I pause. She's right. All we do is fight. Why should she trust me? Especially for something like this. Still, I can't leave her here, cringing in pain and trying to sew her skin together.
"You'll just have to trust me on this one, princess," I say at last.


In a world not their own, two souls take comfort in each other. When the rain comes on earth, it storms. But when it storms, they take comfort in each other.

Omg this reminds me of that one episode in season 1 where they all eat these nuts or something and they hallucinate!!!
HeyyItzA HeyyItzA Jun 24
I mean I used to want him dead at the beginning but damn you don't even know how much I love that son of a bitch now
ImmortalImpulse ImmortalImpulse May 23, 2016
Sorry, reading it for the first time (already on chapter three) when I realized I forgot to vote! It's really good so far!
idony17 idony17 Jan 28
I love this! I've been a Bellamy+Clarke shipper since the very begging and you, dear author, are the only one who makes seem real without being too over the top.!! Thank you
burningbrightfire burningbrightfire Sep 29, 2015
Ahhhh that was absolutely amazing!! I seriously can not get enough of your writing!!
sailing_ships sailing_ships May 24, 2015
Just started reading. Amazing writing and great character portrayal keep it coming!