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Destined  to Love (Lesbian Story)

Destined to Love (Lesbian Story)

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cynpotle By cynpotle Completed

Okay this was weird. I literally just met this girl by the bar and in the little time we've spent chatting I'm getting some real... Um...-Oh whatever I'm just gonna say it- gay vibes from her! I mean, it can't be the Alcohol cause she hasn't even drank yet! You know maybe she just wants to have a good time and get over her ex which is totally understandable, and better be true cause I don't swing that way , nothing against people that do, but I just don't xxx

Cyn: *giggling to try and hide the fact that she felt a little uncomfortable* hey slow your road a little, you better be playing with me Erica, I'm not like that...

Erica: *wanting to slap herself across the face,she could see she made Cyn uncomfortable so decides to just back off* oh I'm sorry I wasn't tryna.....whatever..... Enjoy your night Cynthia *starts to walk away*

Cyn: *Cyn hates the thought of upsetting people and did think Erica was a nice girl* WAIT *grabbing Ericas arm then laughing to lighten the mood* that doesn't mean I won't dance with you ...

cynpotle cynpotle Oct 10, 2015
@cynthia2141 the chapters are all in order so if e.g you see chapter 5 then Chapter 7, that means your missing chapter 6
cynpotle cynpotle May 25, 2015
Thankyouuuuuuu loo alright i think i'll add another chapter just for you x @NycoleYoungNykkiWilliams
I love it I need a little more updates. You can't leave ppl hanging like that.