Dating the bad girl.

Dating the bad girl.

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hazenight1 By hazenight1 Updated Aug 22, 2016

You've heard of when bad boy meets good girl....but have you heard of when bad girl meets good boy?

When Nolan met Danielle he expected nothing. Little did he know this one girl would change his perfect five year plan. She was bad. Sexy and tattooed. She was everything Nolan was not. Nolan was a virgin while she was a sex goddess. He was afraid of needles while she was heavily tattooed.

Coming from rich backgrounds Nolan was living life according to his parents. Also coming from a rich background Danielle was living life the way she wanted. Defying the rules. She ignored her socialite mother and did what she wanted when she wanted. She was going to live life with no rules. That was until she met Nolan. She's attracted to the shy cute man, nothing like what she's usually attracted to. He seems to captivate her. He changes the way she thinks. But will she change the way he thinks?

BadbitchicaResident BadbitchicaResident Dec 15, 2016
Wth well I kind of expected this sense in a bad girl😂😂😂
Citygirl520 Citygirl520 2 days ago
I can already tell this Daniella and Danielle thing is gonna be a problem for me
awkwardlyrare awkwardlyrare Dec 15, 2016
My father's initials are D.A.D, and so are all of my siblings and I. 😌
niallizzle niallizzle Jan 05
I've read this story before but I obviously didn't read this part smh
callme_addy callme_addy Jan 24
Oh my my...she is the God praise her....I have lip, ear, tounge bell button, hip,eyebrow, and a snake bite...but never had the power to do the clit and nipple ones *shivers*
Who else held on to their crotch and boobies after they read clit and nipple piercings?
                              Cuz I certainly am not the only one who did