Drawing Bloodlines (Book #2, PREVIEW)

Drawing Bloodlines (Book #2, PREVIEW)

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Steve Bevil By SteveBevil Updated Aug 17, 2015

A prophecy.

The Fallen Ones.

The Order.

And, Shadow Creatures that go bump in the night ....

Too much for any teenager to handle ... and all Nathan wants to do is be normal.

After surviving a battle against one of the immortal Fallen Ones, Nathan is left with a burning question: who is the Firewalker? In a mad dash to London, Nathan and his friends try to decode the cryptic Firewalker prophecy, as Lauren and the Fallen Ones continue to plague them. They search for one with a specific power.

Why are they being chased? And who is the one that the dark powers seek? Why do they think Nathan and the others have the medallion? 

To make matters worse, the mysterious organization called, "the Order," is always one-step ahead of them. It appears they will keep the Firewalker prophecy a secret, at all costs.
To answer these questions, Nathan, Malick, Lafonda, and the rest of the friends will come up against Shadow Guards, Scarlet Priests, Soul Collectors, and a host of other creatures. All Nathan wants to do is be normal. But the supernatural world of the Legend of the Firewalker will not let him go.