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Dragon Fire (Thranduil Fan-fiction) #Wattys2016

Dragon Fire (Thranduil Fan-fiction) #Wattys2016

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danne By TiedinRed Completed

In the Home of Elrond of Rivendell, there is a warrior known for her skill and grace in combat and by the rare color of her eyes. Mantheniel, who had also been called "flame of the dragon" had spent her life training to become a warrior to protect the people she loved. Haunted by the past -despite her name and reputation, she had a fear of fire; for her city had burned to ash when she was a child. The fire took the lives of all those she loved. She had been found by Lord Ellithoir, the captain of the Kings guard of Rivendell. With Lord Elrond's help, she had found a new home in Rivendell working under the watchful eyes of Elrond and trained with Ellithior. Almost two centuries have passed, before she was named second in command by Lord Elrond himself. By then, everyone knew of the flaming haired Elleth who survived dragon fire.

Disclaimer: All recognizable characters from the book and the movie are properties of J.R.R. Tolkien and Peter Jackson. No copyright infringement intended.

Gosh... I feel the same as the first time I have read this - excited! Totally loved this and gonna love it again :D
CamilleWinterRocha CamilleWinterRocha Apr 08, 2016
Oh God!
                              That's so wonderful!
                              I really like your oc and story 
                              Well, you just got a new reader
MieStormanger MieStormanger Dec 08, 2015
I discovered this story now. After I have read your sequel "new leaf". Just after reading this first prologue, I understand much more of "new leaf"! Khan wait to read further :-D
HazelDaAwesomeElleth HazelDaAwesomeElleth Sep 14, 2015
how did u get ur amazing cover?! I'm so excited to read this story!!
thorinstoned thorinstoned Aug 26, 2015
im super excited to read this! there aren't a lot of thranduil books out there that interest me and im sure this will turn out great!
CJ_Callahan CJ_Callahan Jul 27, 2015
Oooo I just love the idea of a flame haired elleth with different eyes...interesting start. *adds to list to enjoy* ive only just shipped it over to wattpad. So I'm new to the technicalities of the app. Bear with! :)