The Bunny and The Fox (OHSHC)

The Bunny and The Fox (OHSHC)

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Blue Rose By GoodbyeSilence Completed

The sound of skin hitting skin filled the air, as a small girl fell to the ground holding the left side of her face. A small boy stood in the corner of the room not much older then the girl, his multi colored eyes flashed with anger as she crouched down looking at the woman. Gold flickered on the woman's arm as she turned to leave the room. 

The two children watched the blonde lady leave the room and as the sound of the lock resounded through the room the boy ran to the girl, taking her face into his hands. Moving her hand he saw a cut from the top of her cheek to the bottom of her forehead. The woman had backhanded the girl with one of her rings and it cut the small child's face open. 

"We need to get out of here soon." The boy's voice came out rough and squeaky at the same time as though he never used it. His blonde hair fell in his face as he ran his fingers along her cheek and kissed her head.The two sat in silence for what seemed like days until the door opened and the woman dro...

snsmith116 snsmith116 Oct 03
Why did I imagine the girls ripping off their dresses to reveal Indian style dresses then sacrificing a person with a book of Hunny and Ivy chanting OTP
                              oh god. 
                              Tumblr is becoming one with my soul....