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Icha Icha-NOT!

Icha Icha-NOT!

16.2K Reads 960 Votes 7 Part Story
All my favourite characters combined into one big long name By artisabang_yeah Updated May 16, 2015

Why is Kakashi always reading those adult books? Do you ever wonder whats actually on the pages? Maybe he just likes everyone to think he's tough...

I do not own Naruto or any characters.

ChibiKashi ChibiKashi Aug 03, 2016
Ryka: ....... *Smacks Kakashi upside the head* KAKABAKA!
                              Kakashi: Ouch!! Since when do you call me that name?!
                              Ryka: PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR PASSED OUT STUDENT!!
Pika-Girl1 Pika-Girl1 Oct 09, 2016
Naru-chan, you need to understand that they're just trying to keep you innocence.
BambiJackson34 BambiJackson34 Dec 06, 2016
naruto, nooooooooooooo its not appropriate for kids your age
GeekyGurl4Life GeekyGurl4Life May 21, 2016
Really?!? THAT'S your reaction!!!! Sham on you Kakashi! Sham on you!😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
candypeacelady candypeacelady May 28, 2015
Ah-hahahahahahahahahahah, well my fan made character(in fairytail)would do the same!