bon voyage || various x reader oneshots

bon voyage || various x reader oneshots

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drifting By drmsqnc Updated Feb 05

bon vo·yage

ˌbän ˌvoiˈäZH/


used to express good wishes to someone about to go on a journey.

(and journey on, you shall)

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ItsMichiko ItsMichiko Aug 27, 2017
All around the familiar faces....
                              its the title... i had too..... :c
This is a much better name than anything I could have some up with. I like it!
yourneighbourhoodgay yourneighbourhoodgay Apr 13, 2016
Are request still open? If so could you do a Natsu x Reader?? You can make up a prompt
Fallensong8018 Fallensong8018 Jan 26, 2017
I love how this says act like you never happened instead of like you were never here
Era-Vera Era-Vera Jan 26, 2017
You see, the Steven Universe ones were amazing, I loved reading that - and I have to say the Dipper Pines ones were closely in second place. I'd love too see more of them (because I'm greedy as hell) but I understand why you mean. I can't wait for more of your requests!
StreetGirlz_cupcope StreetGirlz_cupcope Oct 21, 2015
Can I be in the story pease pretty please with a cherry on top!!!!!?????*doing a puppy eyes*