My Big Brother's Job (FNAF x Reader)

My Big Brother's Job (FNAF x Reader)

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Ace By Girl_of_Fire Updated Dec 28, 2016

Your big brother Mike is sick and you have to take his shift at Freddy's Fazbear Pizza.  
What will happen???


Some profanity will be used...

 Alright maybe a lot

(On Hold)

princessserina111 princessserina111 Jul 22, 2016
*gets really close to Mike's face* Who is this Doll person hmmmmm?
Ticci_Galaxy Ticci_Galaxy Nov 19, 2016
Me: Hello this is Satan....
                              Mom: AAAAAAAAAAAA *grabs shotgun*
                              Me: HOLY HELL I WAS KIDDING
Proxygirl666 Proxygirl666 Aug 13, 2016
Hahahahahahaha me have a boyfriend hahahahahahahahahahaha lol this book is funny
lethe_fish_swim lethe_fish_swim Oct 22, 2016
I'm a girl and I have a girlfriend that acts like jeremy and she never starts the fights or we never actually fight so I'm gonna pretend it's some other girl
DarkTeddy_the_proxy DarkTeddy_the_proxy Oct 18, 2016
Me: oh. Hey dad
                              Satan: did you kill like Slenderman asked? 
                              Me: yeah
wolves-rock1 wolves-rock1 Nov 29, 2016
Ya because every loving brother would put their sister in a job with animatronics that will kill you