My Big Brother's Job (FNAF x Reader)

My Big Brother's Job (FNAF x Reader)

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Ace By Girl_of_Fire Updated Dec 28, 2016

Your big brother Mike is sick and you have to take his shift at Freddy's Fazbear Pizza.  
What will happen???


Some profanity will be used...

 Alright maybe a lot

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- - Jun 23, 2017
                              Me:OMFG!I DIDN'T KNOW U HAVE A GF MIKE!
- - May 31, 2017
it's just me myself and i i dont need no hand to hold even if the nights get cold cause i got me for life
Liylabye Liylabye Aug 04, 2017
*Has never dated anyone cuz rejected all of them and is happy but sad* I forever alone cuz I'm different and never liked any of those other 25 boys but I'm fine
FoodIsLikeBae FoodIsLikeBae Jun 11, 2017
Doll........? AS IN DOLL FROM BLACK BUTLER BOOK OF CIRCUS??!?!?!?!? As i am reading the other comments, i feel like im the only one who actually knows a person named doll.
reddxxpanda reddxxpanda May 13, 2017
Me: I'm afraid I can't, she's in the Yaoi Hell hole and doesn't want to go out.
Creepy_Melody Creepy_Melody May 29, 2017
Me:Doll is with you? 
                              Mike: Yes
                              Me: You woke Me up this early to tell Me Your sick, ask Me to work at the pizzaria and tell Me Doll I lookin' after you!? Nope nope nope nope nope nope mope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope