Shards [Kaisoo(boyxboy)]

Shards [Kaisoo(boyxboy)]

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Lifeless doll By Soology712 Completed

I love you but you don't love me

I am your lover...

but you love someone else

You were just using me because you can't have her,

you see her in me, 

you made me do things she always do

When will you ever see me as me? not Her?

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kyunggie_exo kyunggie_exo Sep 21, 2016
My kyunggie is waaayyyy prettier than krystal because kyristal isn't squishy like kyunggie
exoluckyxoxo exoluckyxoxo Jun 22, 2016
"Like" bitch please if you say Love he would've just kissed you right there
okaywillis okaywillis Oct 15, 2016
oh hell no u didn't
                              u Beete apologize boi
                              he is above n beyond Krystal (no hate)
cursed_love02 cursed_love02 Sep 26, 2016
Y does this sound so cute like our little nini Baer growling while possessivly hugging dyo
Soology712 Soology712 Apr 28, 2015
@IamSoNotFab yeah Jongin grow up! lol and yeah I do have that feeling too :)
Soology712 Soology712 Apr 28, 2015
@IamSoNotFab hello there thank you so much for commenting on this story :) yes you're so right with Kaisoo there lol.
                              Waa I'm so sorry for confusing you please don't mind that part lol