Ouran Highschool Host Club Lemons!!

Ouran Highschool Host Club Lemons!!

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HisYoungHighness By HisYoungHighness Updated Aug 23, 2015

Random Lemons from ALL the OHSHC characters, I also take requests so feel free to leave them in the comments!) 

*Rengae's voice* When Tamaki Senpai walks in on Hikaru and Kaoru's little 'game' what will he do? When Kyoya was alone with Haruhi was there something the anime didn't show?.. Is Mori Senpai really all that quiet and innocent? Find out the answers to these and many more of the Host club's secrets!

Ouran Host Club is open Ladies ~~<3

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  • honey
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YukiMoon2230 YukiMoon2230 Jul 23, 2017
Hikaru x Kaoru 
                              Kyoya x Tamaki
                              Mori x Honey
                              DO ALL OF EM
                              AND HARUHI
                              JOINS ONE.
                              FANGIRL ATTACK
jooniescum jooniescum Mar 06, 2016
I don't know why, but I was saying this like, "pikaaachuuuuuu!" ...Don't judge me...
LmaoYoureNotMarkTuan LmaoYoureNotMarkTuan Aug 09, 2016
Tamaki was actually barking at the headboard... Why didn't I expect that
Horsesgirl2 Horsesgirl2 Feb 06, 2016
That was awesome *nosebleed make another one but with just the twins
Ivan-Braginsky Ivan-Braginsky Mar 13, 2016
"No one must know" hmmm? Well I know and so does everyone else who red this.
Yuri-On-Ice-Trash Yuri-On-Ice-Trash Jul 17, 2016
ohhhhh i think i know what the next one will be!!!!  Mori X Tamaki!!!!!