Fool's Gold - Narry Storan

Fool's Gold - Narry Storan

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Narry Is Love, Narry Is Life By NarryIsLuvNarryIsLyf Completed

I'm kicked out of my own home for being gay, this is utter stupidity! 

I'm only 18, what am I supposed to do in the big world? My parents don't want me. 

And they won't fund my college tuition anymore...

Where am I supposed to go?

wydkatie wydkatie Apr 26
bet his mum's gonna be like
                              " yeah honey, i knew you were gay. "
pygmypuffs pygmypuffs Aug 07
"Just think of how much pussy you can get"
                                             -harry styles 2010
Literally me, "Hey mom, let's get one thing straight, I'm not."
*goes to his mums house with gun* "I THINK YOU OWE YOUR SON AN APOLOGY B*TCH!!!!!!!!"
Why Mrs Horan?? Just Accept Niall For Who He Is Or Im Gonna Be Mad ASF When I Finish This Book. Me - "MOM GET THE KEYS NOW"
Real men cry too because they're human, get your facts straight Maura