Attack On Titan: (Levi x Reader) One-Shots

Attack On Titan: (Levi x Reader) One-Shots

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Shorty. By pamplemousse40 Updated Jul 29

Just a collection of Levi x Reader one shots.
Some cute, Some gore, Some sad.

I'm not very good at writing but I do my best!
FIRST SERIES, bear with me.

Attack On Titan characters are not mine!

Holy fluffeh bunnies! I love that song 
                              It almost made me cry....
Hello Feels.
                              It's been since Chapter 77 of the Manga since we last spoke.
                              *grabs tissues*
                              Let's begin.
Are you sure this is your first book??? This was so amazing and detailed and so much more. I can't even describe how flawless your writing is author-chan!!
It doesn't need to be more "feely"
                              MY FEELS ARE ALREADY OVERLOADED AND BROKEN T-T
itbetiny itbetiny Aug 26
Yeah its feely alright it made me cry and my mom looked at me as if I was crazy
I was wondering why this sounded so familiar. It was actually Rin and Len's Magical Mirror (i think thats what its called)