Grown Ups (FanFiction)

Grown Ups (FanFiction)

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Juliana Caylen By jccloud17 Completed

I'm Juliana Lamonsoff. I'm the oldest standing at 14 and in 2 weeks I'll turn 15. My sister Donna is 12 and our little brother Bean is 4. He's still attached to my mother if you understand.

I looked at a picture of my dad when he was young sitting on the mantel. He played basketball with 4 other guys. The phone rang. I picked it up.

"Hello?" I asked. 

"Who is this?" asked my grandma.

"Juliana, grandma!" 

"Oh! Hello, baby!" 


"Where's you father?" 

"In the pool with Bean and Donna." 

"Why aren't you in the pool?"

"I was about to go in until you called." 

"Oh! Well, go take the phone to your father I need to tell him something."


I walked towards the kitchen. My mom was there.

"Who's on the phone, sweetie?" asked my mom. 

"Grandma." I said. 

"What does she want?" asked my mom. 

"To talk to dad." I said. 

"Eric!" My mom shouted, grabbing the phone and I trailed behind her.

"Yeah, honey?" smiled my dad. 

"It's your mom!" She smiled. 

My dad walked to the ...

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- - Jun 18, 2016
Ha Donna is grounded! I never really liked her in grown ups for some reasob
T-otaku T-otaku Jan 26, 2016
Is this gunna turn out a Greg kind of love story? Cause if it is that's just what I'm looking for 👍🏻