He Doesn't Remember

He Doesn't Remember

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MariMitchellBaker By MariMitchellBaker Updated May 18, 2017

A car accident changed her life. H
He was her husband. She was his wife. The last six years of his memories were gone. 
They met four years ago.
He doesn't remember.

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meckymeck meckymeck Feb 04, 2017
Om goodness...please tell  me that her now husband wasn't the love of your life???? @MariMitchellBaker
imastupididyut imastupididyut Feb 04, 2017
YOU'RE BACK... I want you to know that I am smiling here. A lot.
ambiance101 ambiance101 Aug 10, 2015
People like that suck. Don't worry, maybe there's someone out there for you who really deserves you. Maybe a multimillionaire business mogul? ;)
MadMadWorld MadMadWorld May 22, 2015
Sorry to hear about your... Ex best friend and now husband :/
Glory_feeling2 Glory_feeling2 Apr 21, 2015
Discovered your book by browsing it. I know how sneaky ex friends can be too. Must be a good book to enjoy. I'm sorry for what happened ... best of luck to you!
thatoldcat thatoldcat Mar 18, 2015
OH MY GOODNESS FOR REAL! That sucks girly. Hopefully you SHWOED them who's (obviously) better!