Fallen Memories [DanteXReader]

Fallen Memories [DanteXReader]

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A demon hunter named Dante, was hired to protect you. You lost your memories a few years ago and the demons never stopped looking for you. They were ordered by a certain person who claimed to know who you are. Along your days and times with Dante, he was attracted to you in a way and you were somehow attracted to him too. But, as your memories slowly reappeared, it leads you to an island that was once destroyed by Dante; Mallet Island. Back into his own past, he was trapped in his own memories as he struggles to protect you. How will this mysterious journey ends and will he be able to break free out of his own past and protect you? Let's see where this goes.. :)

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- - Apr 27, 2016
I love how everything seemed to be put in a great detail *u* great job