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L.C. Malfoy By extrapinkmemes Updated Mar 19, 2017

"The 2017 Edition"

More Smuts will be posted soon!

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W A R N I N G:

13 below readers should be warned.. as you know this is Rated-18.. But if you really want to read this.. please be open-minded.. I made this book because of my crazy imagination's of my bias 💓.. Beware my young readers~

"Suck it in baby"

"Yes Daddy"

"Now that's a good girl"


"Yes, Yes scream my name baby"

"Da..Daddy mo..ughh..More"


[  This book is made way back January 1 2015, grammatical errors will be found on this book.. My first language is Filipino not English.. if you dont want to be scarred because of my stories, you are free to go  ]

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  • bts
  • chanyeol
  • chen
  • dồ
  • exo
  • imagines
  • kai
  • kpop
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JeontheCoconut JeontheCoconut Jan 08, 2017
1. BTS
                              2. Jungkook
                              3. reader x bias
                              4. smut, kinky
                              5. Kim Ally
goddesspsyche_ goddesspsyche_ May 26, 2016
1. EXO
                              2. KAI
                              3. READERXBIAS
                              4. SMUT+ROMANCE
                              5.  JASMINE
                              2. SEHUN
                              3. READERXBIAS
                              4. SWEET+ROMANCE
                              5. Still JASMINE
                              1. Super Junior
                              2. Donghae
                              3. ReaderxBias
                              4. Smut+Steamy
                              5. Sofia
                              1. Super Junior
                              2. Eunhyuk
                              3. ReaderxBias
                              4. Romance+Smut
                              5. Jasmine
                              P. S sorry if I have many request.
Jeon_Kookie9704 Jeon_Kookie9704 Dec 03, 2016
                              2.Jung Kook
                              3.Readerx Bias
                              4.Jealous and SMUT
                              (Pls make it very very very sexy and dirty)
                              5.Alyssa( pronouns as Alissa)
                              Thank you Author-nim 
Ying_Yue17 Ying_Yue17 Nov 05, 2016
If I can can I have a 
                               3:reader x bias
                              4:Smut a very dirty and rough
                              5:So jin
KImaginarium KImaginarium Jun 09, 2016
1. Exo
                              2. Kai
                              3. Reader x bias
                              4. Smut & steamy (jealous?)
                              5. Jaeni
                              1. Exo
                              2. Sehun
                              3. Reader x bias
                              4. Smut & steamy (romantic?)
                              5. Jaeni
                              Thank you a bunch! ❤✌
Ying_Yue17 Ying_Yue17 Nov 05, 2016
                              2:Jungkook and Jimin
                              3:Reader x bias
                              4:Jealous and Smut
                              5:So jin
                              3:Reader x Bias
                              4:Sweet and Smut
                              5:So jin
                              3:Reader x bias
                              4:Smut and angst 
                              5:So jin
                              2:Won woo
                              3:Reader x bias
                               4:Smut and naughty
                              5:So jin