Bonnie x Reader 2 (On Hold)

Bonnie x Reader 2 (On Hold)

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Queen of Darkness By VexyVex Updated Jul 28, 2017

After 30 years of being shut down you finally awake in the new pizzeria. Know as Fazbear's fright, The Horror Attraction. Your body was breaking and falling apart. As you wandered around the new place, it came to you that your friends and boyfriend weren't anywhere to be seen, just hallucinations.

As time went by something started to change, something you weren't expecting.

(This is the sequel to my first Bonnie x Reader book)

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  • chica
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  • foxy
  • freddy
  • mystery
  • puzzle
  • romance
  • springtrap
  • thriller
Inkwell_XYZ Inkwell_XYZ Apr 11, 2017
Me: why are u so cringy?
                              Nightguard: I got exposed to dank memes
SeoulSister4Life SeoulSister4Life Sep 29, 2017
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 sexy beast? Nice word to use, vexyvex
SeoulSister4Life SeoulSister4Life Sep 28, 2017
Dont murder me~ i still have a lot to owe to some people!😂 and i still havent planned my suicide
Crystal: here's what I want to know: WHERE IS BONNIE?!?!
                              Nightguard: ...
                              Crystal: ...
                              ANSWER ME ;A;
fnaf3225 fnaf3225 Dec 30, 2017
First of all who the eff are you? Second where the frick am I and third what happened to meh mans BON?!
sushiiscarfs sushiiscarfs Jul 29, 2016
I made a fanart the wolf as a real wolf so I can make it a cover of a story :3