The Broken Hero

The Broken Hero

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Perseus Jackson, the hero and two time savior of Olympus sacrificed himself to defeat Gaia and her children. His sacrifice has been mourned for the past five hundred years by the gods and  his friends. As reward in their efforts his friends and the councilors of the camps were made immortal. Five hundred years of a peaceful time has passed. Now a new war arises in which many fear of the sacrifices they will have to make. With a new war comes a new ally. A boy in black with black wings and scars seen and unseen. A merciless boy with practically no emotions. The boy comes to help win the war, but what is his story? Is he really a new ally or someone else?

Okay so I have been reading many Percy stories so I wanted to try my hand at one. This one is a little more dark and does have a touch of torture. I hope that you all like this. Please let me know what you think as you read. Also I doubt there will be a romance in this one, though with the right convincing and rational I might put one in.

All rights to the characters and major story line go to Rick Riordan. I am not him and not as great.

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nhamzah05 nhamzah05 Sep 05, 2017
Well good for you, I hope you still remember Percy after 500 years.
DamDemiWitch DamDemiWitch Aug 02, 2017
Annabeth, you forgot about Percy *cries* (I'm a daughter of Hestia and I just lost hope. The situation is bad)
mickdiddy mickdiddy Jul 19, 2017
On the outside I'm like nooooooooo but on the inside I'm like well you can't be alone forever
lililz2005 lililz2005 Oct 10, 2017
                              I feel mad at her, but it has been 500 years. So I don't blame her. Though she still needs to remember the good times with her seaweed brain...
ErrorNoUsernameFound ErrorNoUsernameFound Sep 25, 2017
Sorry, but the stupidly OCD Ravenclaw is here. The third, fourth, and sixth sentences are in first person, but the rest is in third and it kind of makes it a bit confusing when it randomly starts saying 'them' and 'she'.
                              Sorry, but like I said, stupidly OCD.
White_Ninja_27 White_Ninja_27 Oct 29, 2017
Come on! Be more original. Instead of just using enemies that they already have fought, use ones they haven't .